15 Fabulous Fall Party Themes

15 Fabulous Fall Party Themes

that you can use in your direct sales biz NOW!

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It's the first day of Fall, and I get a little gushy and swoony over all the amazing colors, flavors & fashions that go along with the autumnal season!! Crisp evenings, cozy clothes, gorgeous warm colors, pumpkin spice, cider donuts, sassy boots, hayrides and family fun!! Holidays just around the corner!! Does it get any better than fall!?!! *Deep sigh* No, no it doesn't!!
(Mind you, I live south of the Mason-Dixon line, so it's 100 degrees outside still at my place, but I'm DREAMING of all these luscious fall things while I wait on mid-november when the temps ACTUALLY drop.)

SO, I thought I would put together a little round-up of some of my favorite fall party themes that YOU can use right away in your direct sales biz!

This fall is a little different than many falls before it, due to the crazy world events of 2020, but it doesn't mean that we can't keep steamrolling ahead with our businesses, so with each theme I have included tips for both in-person parties AND online event situations. I know many direct sellers who are successfully still doing both event types, so be encouraged that it IS possible to have a bountifully FULL Fall calendar. Perhaps all you need is just a few good party themes on offer to get that calendar where you want it!

You can read all about WHY having a party theme for all of your parties is a huge business builder in this post I wrote earlier this year, but before we dive in, I wanted to give a quick (& shameless! haha!) plug to my awesome & amazing web-app, This is Dot!! Go check it out and start yourself on the free 30 day trial, because with ALL the FALL parties you're going to be adding to your calendar, trust me, you're going to want an easy and fail-proof way to keep up with all the party tasks that go into making those parties Fall-abulous! (Yes, I just made up that word!)

I also just wanted to add this **side note for the over-thinkers out there who may think themes need to be taken to the absolute max and infiltrated through every single aspect of your party. (I might have been guilty of this a time or two in my direct sales career!) THIS IS NOT THE CASE! Your basic party format will stay mostly the same, and the theme can shine through in simple ways - like the invites, a game or a prize that ties in, which particular products from your line you are showcasing. You get the idea, right? Ok, good!

Now for the Party Themes!!

15 Fall themed direct sales party ideas

Tailgate Time

For this football season favorite, guests wear their team's colors, and host serves fun tailgate food. If you sell wearable fashion, show fun combos that tie into your guests team spirit. If you sell kitchen related products, highlight how your products can MAKE all that fun tailgate food. For any business type, just modify your regular presentation format to include some cheesy football jargon - anything that makes your guests giggle!!

Online twist:

As an ice breaker, have all guests post a GIF to show their fan-style at games

Bonfire Bonanza

This one is perfect for the home fragrance ladies!! Being outdoors on a patio with a fire-pit is so fun and relaxing, of course the obvious choice for refreshments is a gourmet smores station!! Also, being outside allows you to have several warmers/candles going without all the different scents mingling so much, and the soft glow will put everyone in the mood for setting this cozy fall mood in their own home!

Online twist:

Post a picture of s'mores when you prompt guests to ask you questions to learn S'MORE about your biz!

Christmas Shopping Jumpstarter 

No need to wait, start offering this one in September! Busy women know how crazy life gets the closer it gets to the holidays, and they will be thankful for the chance to get some of their shopping knocked out early. Be sure to show products that are gifting favorites, and encourage each guest to make their own "holiday wishlist" from the catalog that you collect and send to their significant other in early november. 

Online Twist: 

Use the "Elf Yourself" app to insert pictures of yourself (I think you can upload five, so make a bunch of different funny facial expressions!) to introduce yourself in the facebook party as their "Handy Holiday Helper"!!

Thankful for My Hosts 

Make this event a mystery host party (where you are the "host" but a lucky guest winner receives the host rewards) Invite all your hosts from the past year, to show your appreciation for their support of your biz! I love November for this party, since the thankful vibes are all around, and I would offer special sales and discounts (for instance, on products that have recently retired from the line that you still have samples of) as a tangible show of your appreciation.

Online Twist:

Put together a quick slideshow of pictures of all your hosts (maybe you took some snaps at their in-person party, or you can save one from their facebook profile). Add a moving tune, and a lovely quote telling them how much they mean to your biz, and post it in the event. Make mention of your highest retailing host, and give her a special prize - it just may motivate some re-bookings who would like to take that title next year!! 

Ladies and Gents Christmas Shopping Event 

Invite couples, let the guys go watch the football, while the ladies play in the product & make their wishlist, then the guys come shop the wishlist while the gals head to the next room for some decadent refreshments. Let's be real, what husband is going to turn down an opportunity like this to knock out their Christmas shopping?

Online Twist:

Have the host invite the ladies, hold the facebook party, and have the guests all post their wishlist, add their spouse to the party & tag them in the post. Then their hubby can follow the link to shop! Easy peasy.

All Bundled Up

This one has all the fall feels!! Guests wear their fave cozy sweater & you show gift product bundles! Plan ahead of time to curate a few "bundles" from your product line that go well together. You could offer a small discount on the bundles if you wish. You could also offer to include gift-wrapping of these bundles - the dollar store often has cute baskets or plastic tubs that you can use to inexpensively make these bundles ready for holiday gifting!!

Online Twist:

Make a mini slide show of each bundle and give it a cute name. Or if you have the products on hand, take a picture of them grouped together in a decorative way to post during the party.

Christmas Ornament/Mug/Slipper Socks Exchange 

This one is a little tricky to do online (kinda tricky to exchange ACTUAL gifts) but it is OH SO FUN in person!! Simply pick which item - Mug, Ornament or Slipper Socks to be the white elephant theme. The guests all purchase one of these items ahead of time to bring to the party and exchange during the ice-breaker game.
You probably know how this game goes, but it has many different names, so I will explain: If there are 8 party guests, place the numbers 1-8 in a bowl, everyone draws a number & the gifts are opened in this order. Numbers 2-8 can choose an unopened gift, or to steal someone elses already opened gift. Of course the person who had theirs stolen gets to pick another. SO fun! This is a great party theme to use in December when all the parties feel a little more festive, and with this fun game, many potential hosts who would not ordinarily book, just might, because it adds some serious "fun factor".
The rest of your party format, is of course the same as you would normally do!

Online twist: 

There is no need to prepare the guests ahead of time since they are not exchanging actual gifts, but in a facebook format where all attendees are present (rather than a weeklong event) you can have them post a google image of the mug/slippers/ornament that they WOULD bring to a white elephant game in a post and let them comment as to which would be the most stolen gift, or the one they would pick! Post a FUNNY image for your white elephant offering to get the ball rolling.

Thanksgiving Recipe Workshop 

Let's be honest, we could all use a little more confidence in this area for gatherings that involve our MIL! This is the perfect theme for all product lines kitchen related! Thanksgiving is the superbowl of the food year, so let your business shine by showing party guests how THEY can shine this thanksgiving!! Book these for October or earlier, so that any products they want to buy will have arrived in time for the big day. In-person for this event has the advantage of the guests actually TASTING all that good food too.

Online Twist:

Post recipes for each dish, and list products used in the preparation of them on the same post

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

This is a theme that will work for literally any direct sales biz out there! Just gather up all your best fall product offerings and show them off!! The host can have a tea/coffee station set up with some yummy fall fru-fru additions to keep it easy. Add cookies, BOOM! Beautiful fall party theme that has everyone excited to attend... achieved!

Online Twist:

Share a make-at-home pumpkin spice coffee recipe in your pre-party posts, because let's be real... Starbucks cuts that stuff off way too soon! Tell everyone to post a selfie of them with their fancy beverage of choice at the commencement of the party.

Turkey Trot Catalog/Online Party

This party theme is pretty hands off for you, other than preparing your hostess ahead of time! The reason being, is that this event takes place on thanksgiving day, IN AS MANY HOSTS HOMES AS YOU CAN BOOK - just after everyone has stuffed themselves to the limit with turkey & pumpkin pie, and when all the guys head to the den to watch football. Then the gals can grab out the packet of catalogs you have given your host ahead of time & they can all "trot" through the catalog and get started on their Christmas Shopping!
Set a date with her to meet for coffee the following week, and collect the orders/payments, or to get her host reward selections if all orders were already placed online

Online Twist:

I recommend having ALL your party posts ready to post, and posting them ALL early on thanksgiving morning, or scheduled ahead of time. Your host can make sure all her guests are logged in to look through together at their convenience. Let them know that there will be a window of time you will be available to respond to comments and answer questions, as to allow for your own family thanksgiving plans. 

Ugly Sweater Party

This is another theme that will work for ANY product type!! Let it be known on the invites that there will be a prize for who gets voted as having the best ugly sweater, and give this prize at the end of the party!! You used to have to go to goodwill to find ugly Christmas sweaters, but these days, they have a whole section of them at TJ Maxx, so this alone should tell you the popularity of this holiday party theme!! 

Online Twist:

Have your guests post a selfie of them wearing their ugly sweater in a post thread & then have everyone vote with the "like" button to see who wins the prize!

Dinner in a Dash

Here's another great food/kitchen theme for those in that type of biz! The holidays are crazy busy for everyone, so add a little value in their life and allow them a night out with friends WHILE learning some handy tricks to get quick meals on the table! Win Win!!

Online Twist:

Post recipes, along with the list of your products that help create them in handy posts together. Bonus points if you create them in a downloadable format, because you've just created a return customer who will think of you & which product she needs next, everytime she pulls those recipes up on her phone.

Flavors of Fall

You can follow the same ideas as Dinner in a Dash if you are in a kitchen/food oriented company (just dazzle them with the yummy fall flavors instead), but if not, just show off your company's best fall things, and have your host center the refreshments around some easy fall flavors!! Caramel dip with apples, those cute little tiny pumpkin pies, hot apple cider & pumpkin spice coffee! So easy!

Online Twist:

Use your images to invoke the flavors of fall in your product posts. Canva has awesome tools to edit product images onto other backgrounds. Get creative!

Fall Fashion Fling

Have all your guests dress in their fave fall outfit, ready to learn how to best accessorize it!! This one works great for jewelry & bag ladies, but can also extend to home organization & decor lines, because after all, our homes like to look nice in the fall too. Word.

Online twist:

Have guests post a flat-lay pic of an outfit they want to accessorize better, or a nook in their home that they've been struggling to pull together. Offer your expert advice on what you would do, and I bet you will have some other party guests chiming in to back you up!!

Sip and Sniff

This theme works for the wine ladies, the tea, coffee & healthy drinks gals, all you need to do is have your host light a lovely fall candle in the living room & put out a plate of brownies. It makes it super simple for her, because you've got the rest covered! It also works great for the candles, melts and warmers tribe!! All you need do is have your host pop out some simple refreshments, and guests can peruse the delightful fall scents around the room as they sip!

Online Twist:

Since the guests won't actually be able to sip or sniff (depending which one it is you're selling lol!) the products in person, this means your graphics game has to be on point, and make sure to use lots of good describing words so that your guests feel the full allure of fall in your posts.

I really hope these have given you some great ideas for adding fall party themes to your direct sales biz! I just know your hosts and party guests are going to have so much fun with them & have a GOOD memorable impression of your business that will lead to loyal hosts & customers.

I'd love to hear of some other fun fall themes that YOU love to use, so pop on over to our social communities on Instagram & Facebook and share away!

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