5 Podcasts to Listen to Now

5 Podcasts to Listen to Now

A round-up of good stuff for direct-sellers

I just LOVE a good podcast. It's such a great way to make the most of time that my hands would otherwise be "idle" workwise (by this I mean, when I am driving, sitting waiting for an appointment etc, cleaning the house) to let my EARS and MIND be active and learning. So I try to always have a line-up of good podcasts ready for listening at the beginning of the week! ⁠ It's a habit I wanted to set into place at the beginning of this year, and it has been such a source of encouragement, business-stretching-and-growing goodness, and wisdom!

I'm so glad you've joined me on the blog today, because I want to share with you a few AWESOME podcasts I've listened to lately that you will want to press play on right away!!

Get into Direct-Sales Boss Mode

Lindsay Teague Moreno (on Melissa Radke's podcast) is a mompreneur who is all about helping women think big, dream big, and put their businesses on the map. Listen to this one if you are ready to make your lil side hustle into a brand that is authentic to YOU! Prepare yourself, because this one will light a FIRE in your entrepreneurial soul. Her book "Boss Up" is definitely on my reading list now!!


Step Up your Hostess Coaching Game

Kris Carlson is a direct seller with over 10 years experience under her belt, and loves helping others achieve their dreams and grow into amazing leaders. Her podcasts are a favorite of mine because they are JUST. SO. PRACTICAL!! On this episode Kris shares her hostess coaching process, from start to finish, with some really practical tips that you can put into motion in YOUR business today.  Are you thinking about your hosts as BUSINESS PARTNERS?! What a great approach that will lead you to a successful party, and a thriving business!!


Protect your most Valuable Direct-Sales Biz Asset

Martine Williams is a top leader in her direct sales company, and she's discovered the key to keeping your business going & growing, is to make sure that you, personally, are staying in a healthy place, doing things that feed your soul and keep you from burning out. In this episode she chats about burn out, taking time for ourselves, finding what works, and USING those things to grow our businesses. Your business is only a strong as YOU are.


7 Steps to Grasp Big Feelings During Hard Times

We're all in a unique season right now that is completely unlike anything we've dealt with before. Emotions can run wild, and take us in a direction that we don't need or WANT to go in. In this podcast on Jen Hatmaker's blog, Hillary McBride talks about how to sort through all of the feelings that bombard us without warning, and process them in a healthy way.


Balancing work-at-home with Family Life

Even though most direct sellers already "work from home", the COVID-19 crisis around the world has changed the way that looks a little bit! For many, we have kids & spouses who previously went to work & school who are now also home with us, making things a little more challenging. Michael Hyatt, one of my faves to listen to for all-things-leadership, shares some practical tips on creating the right balance between work & family life, and how to be productive in the midst of it all.


I hope you'll come visit with us on our social media channels and leave us a comment there about what YOU'VE been listening to lately! 

Until next time, happy serving & selling!!
Kristen xx

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