60 Really Fun Party Theme Ideas

60 Really Fun Party Theme Ideas

to use in your direct sales business

Hello Friend!  

I'm so glad you stopped by the blog today.  I have prepared a round up of all my favorite party themes for you to use when you book those direct sales events this year!  Every direct sales biz requires some heart and hustle to keep business going strong, and having a great collection of party themes can really help with getting and keeping those bookings you work so hard to get!! 

I don't think I know anyone who doesn't love a good theme party! So let's talk about WHY you need to be incorporating theme parties into your direct sales business. 

60 Really fun party themes to use in your direct sales business. | thisisdot.com

1.They add an element of fun and professionalism to your parties. They let your hostess know that you have a plan for how this party is going to be fun and engaging for her guests (As opposed to just awkward and sales-ey. Eww. Ain't NOBODY going to book with you if that's the impression of how they think their own party might turn out). It also lets them know that you by having this plan, you are serious about your business and their event.

HOW: Why not make a little flip book of all your themes to keep at your checkout station? If you use a simple slide-in style photo album, you can switch out themes as you add and retire certain ones. While you are checking out your customers, they can flip through and see what theme grabs them, and makes them feel confident in booking an event with you. They will also become attached to the idea of the theme (and how much fun they envision their friends having at said party) before they get attached to the idea of "booking a party". (PSA: never actually use this verbiage to ask someone if they want to book an event with you, but that's a whole other blog post for another day!)

2. It helps your hostess get RSVP's. Let's be honest, the direct sales industry sometimes gets a bad rap, and that means that *sometimes*(mostly) when a host's friend sees that invite pop up in her inbox, there is a cringe, followed by her thinking of a way to say no. BUT, if that invite has an adorably fun theme, it sounds less like a sales presentation of some kind, and more like a great opportunity to let down her hair a little with her best gals. It also instantly makes her begin imagining herself AT that party, and creates a little emotional attachment (just my psychology analysis, as an extreme introvert who's natural response to party invites is often apprehension lol).

HOW: For example, if I get an invite to a party where the theme is a pinot and pizza event, where we will learn how to make delicious homemade pizzas for our family, I have already begun thinking about how often we order takeout pizza, and how it would be so much better NOT to do that so often, and how there will be an ACTIVITY that everyone at the party will be doing together, which means less opportunity for those socially awkward moments. I will be envisioning myself having fun with my friends, not sitting captive as someone tries to sell me something. So there you have a free insight into the brain (namely mine) of an introvert. Did you know that 70% of the population are introverts? By having a theme, you are helping 70% of potential party guests to your direct sales events decide YES on coming!!  Of course we know that extroverts are always up for a get-together, so the great news is you had them at the word "party".

This means that your hostess is already having a more successful party experience with you right from the point of her invites going out. HELLO chance to have her re-book with you again the next time.

3. It increases engagement AT your event. When the guests arrive, they will already have their guard lower, because (going with our previous example) they have arrived to learn how to make easy homemade pizza for their family, as opposed to arriving to be sat down and "sold to". This helps them connect with you and create an all important relationship with you, where they begin to feel confident in inviting you over to hang with their friends too. THIS is how those party themes are helping to perpetuate your biz, because those new bookings are the best way to keep your business rolling ahead, successfully. The next best way is with loyal customers, who will remember the fun they had at this party & think of you next time they need a gift, or that new product they saw at this event and put on their wishlist for later.

HOW: Keep things light hearted and fun. Do not switch the script on them and revert into full "sales presentation mode" once they are in the door. Get good at relating your product to the party activities and theme in a NON-SALESY way!

4. Online or In-Person?
Many of the themes I have rounded up below will work for a facebook party, just as well as an in-person event, though some will require a little more creativity. Personally, I am a firm believer that in-person parties (done right) will always have higher sales, and a better chance of getting more bookings. They also give ladies a MUCH needed chance to escape the everyday grind for a couple hours and connect with their girlfriends (or maybe even meet some much needed new friends!). As ladies, we are all so guilty of not taking time out for ourselves often enough. Sometimes having a fun theme helps a host to visualize and be confident in booking an IN-PERSON party, rather than an online party.

HOW: Show your potential hostess how she can upgrade her online party to an in-person event, and what that means as far as extra host incentives go.

***ATTENTION***Just wanted to add a side note for the over-thinkers out there who may think themes need to be taken to the absolute max and infiltrated through every single aspect of your party. (I might have been guilty of this a time or two in my direct sales career!) THIS IS NOT THE CASE! Your basic party format will stay mostly the same, and the theme can shine through in simple ways - like the invites, a game or a prize that ties in, which particular products from your line you are showcasing. You get the idea, right?

Here are some fun themes for you to incorporate into your business!

15 fun spring party themes to use in your direct sales business. | thisisdot.com

Spa day
Sip & Sparkle
Treat yo' self
All about Mama - Mother's Day Shopping Party
Easter Decor Make and Take
Green cleaning St Patrick's Day Party
Hop in and Shop Easter Pop Up Party
Spring Cleaning Cinderalla Party
Oreos & Organization (featuring a gourmet oreo dipping station with lots of yummy toppings)
Death by chocolate (everyone brings their favorite candy bar for this fun game!)
MODA - Mother Daughter Party
Taco Tuesday
Cupcakes and Cocktails
Fresh Picked Fashion

15 fun summer party themes to use in your direct sales business. | thisisdot.com

Ice-cream Sundae Bar (makes for super easy refreshments for your host, just ice cream & toppings!)
Jewels by the Pool
Ugly Purse/Necklace Party (guests all bring an old "ugly/outdated" item to play a funny guess who's item this is ice breaker game).
Vacation Capsule Party (show off all the vacation-essential items in your line to guests and help them put together a bundle that makes their summer vacation even more awesome.)
Backyard BBQ (no need for the host to deep clean the house!)
Brunch & Bling
Cinco de Mayo
Make-up & Margaritas (or Mimosas!)
Tote-ally Ready for Back to School
Sandals and Sangria
Bless a Teacher Party (the host picks a teacher she knows to get host benefits, great idea for getting fellow classroom moms together for a fun night!)
Mommy Time Out (heck, all moms NEED this one by the end of summer break!)
Red White and You
Party on the Deck (cuz my house is a wreck!)
Scents of Summer

15 fun fall themed party themes to use in your direct sales business. | thisisdot.com

Tailgate Party (guests wear their team's colors, and host serves fun tailgate food)
Bonfire Bonanza
Christmas Shopping Jumpstarter (start offering this one in September!)
Thankful for My Hosts (make this one a mystery host, appreciation event and invite all your hosts from the past year)
Ladies and Gents Christmas Shopping Event (invite couples, let the guys go watch the football, while the ladies play in the product & make their wishlist, then the guys come shop the wishlist while the gals head over for some decadent refreshments. Let's be real, what husband is going to turn down an opportunity like this to knock out their Christmas shopping?!)
All Bundled Up (guests wear their fave cozy sweater & you show gift bundles)
Christmas Ornament/Mug/Slipper Socks Exchange (pick which item, guests each bring the item for a white elephant gift exchange game ice breaker)
Thanksgiving Recipe Workshop (let's be honest, we could all use a little more confidence in this area for gatherings that involve our MIL!)
Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice
Turkey Trot Cataolg/Online Party
Ugly Sweater Party
Dinner in a Dash
Fall Flavors
Fall Fashions
Sip and Sniff

15 fun winter party themes to use in your direct sales business. | thisisdot.com

Hollywood Movie Night ( a great one to whip out a trivia game!)
Sips and Sweaters
Valentines Crush Party (host one of these yourself to show your best customers what you're crushing on from the new line)
RING in the New Year
Weapons and Wine (for the self defense sellers!)
Pizza and Pinot
Popcorn & PJ's
Pick a Decade Dress Up Party (can it get anymore fun than the 80's?)
Wine and Cheese
Hump Day Happy Hour
Tropical Tuesday/Dreaming of Summer/Trip to the Tropics (because we're all missing the sun at this time of year, right?! Invest in 10 leis from the party store to use whenever someone picks this theme)
New Year, New Healthy You

Fun holiday party themes to use in your direct sales business. | thisisdot.com


Election Day Party (make a polling paper for guests to vote on their fave pieces from the new line)
Celebration for your business (invite previous hosts to celebrate your business birthday, offer a special sale for them)
Battle of the hostesses (get an amazing prize, then let all your hostesses know that the one with the best party retail for those "x" amount of weeks/months wins the prize)
Fundraisers for a cause close to your host's heart (donate an agreed upon amount of your profits to the cause after the party)

There are also occasions throughout the year that lend well to holding an event, and having some fun with a theme related to it. Here are a few we found, let your imagination run a little wild and we bet you can come up with some good incentives for your hosts to pick that day to party!!

January 4th: National Trivia Day
January 19th: National Popcorn Day
February 9th: National Pizza Day
February 20th: National Love Your Pet Day
March 3rd: National I Want You To Be Happy Day
March 14th: National Pi Day
March 23rd: National Chip & Dip Day
April 7th: National Beer Day
April 9th: National Unicorn Day
April 28th: National Superhero Day
May 4th: National Star Wars Day
May 13th: National Apple Pie Day
May 24th: National Scavenger Hunt Day
June 1st: National Nail Polish Day
June 10th: National Iced Tea Day
June 23rd: National Pink Day
July 21st: National Junk Food Day
August 1st: National Girlfriends Day
August 10th: National Lazy Day
September 6th: National Read A Book Day
September 19th: National Talk Like A Pirate Day
September 29th: National Coffee Day
October 4th: National Taco Day
October 22nd: National Color Day
November 18th: National Princess Day
November 26th: National Cake Day
December 4th: National Cookie Day
December 30th: National Bacon Day

What are some other fun themed parties you have held in your direct sales biz? We would love to hear, so pop on over to our social community on instagram and facebook and tell us all about it!  

Just before I wrap this post up, let me ask you something...Have you heard about our amazing tool that helps you MANAGE all of your direct sales events? Our web-app, This is Dot, will make sure you don't skip a beat with all your pre & post party tasks while you hold all these fun theme parties! (And that is only one feature, among many other helpful tools we have). You can find out more here, and even take it for a 30 day free test run!  I really think you'll love it!!

So long for now!  Until next we chat, happy serving and selling! xo

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