Direct Sales Tasks and To-Do lists

Direct Sales Tasks and To-Do lists

How to Streamline your Desk Time

Hello there! I am so glad you have joined me for this guided tour of our software!!  

I know what it is to be SO passionate about your own little DS biz, and to just want it to succeed and thrive! I mean, none of us got started and planned to flounder, right!??  Well, you've come to the right place.  Over the next few posts, we're going to chat about ALL of the business systems you need to have in place to really see your business thrive. 

This post is number {ONE} in a series of {FOUR} that will walk you through how to use all of Dot's features to their maximum potential, and get you set up for success by setting up your work system just the way YOU like it. I hope you're ready to see your direct sales gig soar!

I am guessing you have landed here because either you just signed up for a This is Dot subscription, or you're thinking hard about doing so. Let me encourage you, if you haven't already, just go ahead and sign up for our free 30 day trial - you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain, and as you walk through this tour with me, you will be able to try out everything you are learning in your very own account! So, let's get started!

Welcome to your new workspace.

THIS is where the magic happens. You know, the hard work, the nitty-gritty, every important task that builds your business into what you want it to be. We know you don't want a single thing to fall through the cracks, so neither do we. It's why we created This is Dot!!

Today's TO-DO list: setting up your TO-DO list!
This Dot tool is perhaps the most important one of all, because after a simple set up, it will be the thing that tells you what you need to do each day during your work time, based on auto-generated reminders from the timeline that you have set in place. YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR WAY on a tidy little dashboard to-do list! What could be more efficient than that?!  Below, we will run you through how to get it set up to start giving you those all important daily task lists!  It all starts with customizing your timeline...

The timeline feature, which can be found in the settings menu, is a list of tasks that you carry out to make your events successful. 

First you book the event
Then you send your host a thankyou card
Don't forget to coach your host on how to have a great party!
Perhaps you'll send out her invites?
Get some catalogs in her hands
Check in with her on the pre-orders
Remind her to remind her guests the day before the event!
After the party, be sure to thank your customers
Then close out the party
Let everyone know when to expect their order
How about some customer care calls to make sure they love their new stuff?

Phew! There is a lot to keep up with when you're doing things RIGHT!
Ain't NOBODY got time to remember all that!! 

Now add in the 3 other events you have booked this month, and it's easy to see how the lines get blurred and a task or two gets forgotten.  Have you ever forgotten to do one of these tasks, and it ended up as a cancelled event? That is the worst. feeling. ever.  Because you put all that effort into booking it, so why let it slip away?! That's where Dot's task timeline comes to the rescue. (Cue super hero theme music here!)

Whether you have your own system of tasks that you already do, or you need a fresh system to try, we have got you covered!  It comes pre-populated with a set of lists of commonly used tasks which have pre-set reminders that pop up on your To-Do list connected to each event. There are 6 different event types, each with a different task list, so you can easily manage each event type the way it needs to be. Each task is completely customizable, from the task name down to the timing. You can even add your own custom tasks to the list or delete the ones that you don't need. Changes made in the settings menu to the timeline will reflect on all future events you create. If you wish to add a custom task for just one particular event, you can also do that right on the event page, when you are adding that event!  

This is why we say, it's YOUR business, YOUR way.  We give you all of these ways to make it work just the way you like it! Whoot whoot!

Below you will see just how to get your time-line set up!  Next, I'm going to show you the magic, where all of those timeline tasks, for all of your events, pop up like clockwork on your to-do list at JUST the right moment so they always get done in a timely manner! (Cue angelic choir hallelujah sounds here!!)

Your To-Do list will display a list of tasks due for all of your upcoming events and goals. The bold capitals display the contact or goal name, and when clicked provide a quick link to the master checklist for that event or goal. The subscript beside this lists the task to be completed. When a task is completed, you can remove it from your To-Do list by checking the box next to the task. Accidentally check off a task that is not yet complete? You can un-check it and re-add it to your dashboard list by visiting the master check list for that event & un-checking the box for that task on this list.

Any tasks not completed by their due date move to the OVERDUE task list. (So that's where you find them if you had a week that turned chaotic and you need to play catch-up! Happens sometimes!!)

Want to work ahead? Over-achievers unite!!!  Click the THIS WEEK tab on your dashboard to see what tasks you have due in the next 7 days.

We think you will agree, this little list can streamline your office time like no other product out there. So what are we waiting for? Let's get yours set up now!!

Just follow the steps below to start on all the things we talked about in this post!

Here's a quick look...

Here is your settings menu. Home of all the ways to make your new "personal assistant" truly work for you.

Step 1. Take a quick tour. Let us show you around the place!

Step 2. Complete your profile. Hint: the timezone is REALLY important.

Step 3. Make the task lists your own!

Introducing your timeline!

Tasks are sorted by event type: We know the prep you do for each event type looks a little different.

Look over the tasks and the timing. Make sure they work for you, & if not just click the little pencil to edit.

Don't see your go-to task? Add it using the CUSTOM TASK button.

Edits here will affect all future events you create in your dashboard

Now you've completed this step, your desk time is about to get really efficient! All of the tasks for each event will now be put conveniently on your Dashboard To-Do list on the exact day that they need to be done. So easy!!

TA-DA! It's your TO-DO List!

Check in here daily on your dashboard to view all the tasks due for the day. Tasks for events, follow-up & goals are all here.

Or, if you prefer to work ahead and complete your tasks for the whole week, you can look ahead to what you have due in the next 7 days

When a task is complete, just check the box & it will move off your list when the screen refreshes next!

Well friend, I hope you have fun setting up your task list! It is so liberating to get all of the things that whirl around in your head OUT of there and onto a tidy little list that you can access wherever you are. It is a comforting thought to know that all of the important tasks will be on your list AUTOMATICALLY, and that you can spend your time actually DOING them rather than figuring out what needs done next. It leaves so much more brainspace for awesome ideas that might revolutionize your biz!! Join me in our next post in this series, Organizing your Direct Sales Contacts and learn how to make follow-up work for you!!

Until then, happy serving & selling! xo

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