Handy Tools for your Direct Sales Toolbox

Handy Tools for your Direct Sales Toolbox

A few can't-live-without helpers!

Hello there! I am so glad you have joined me for this guided tour of our software!! 

Today I'm just so excited to think about all the little tweaks and improvements we have been able to make during this series to really make your business into everything you had hoped it would be when you got started!  If you've come this far, then I have no doubt that you have set your mind to persevere in your business, even when the challenges come along. We are over here cheering you on at This is Dot!!

This post is the last one in a series of {FOUR} that will walk you through how to use all Dot's features to their maximum potential, and get you set up for success by setting up your work system just the way you like it. I hope you're ready to see your direct sales gig soar!

I am guessing you have landed here because either you just signed up for a subscription, or you're thinking hard about doing so. Let me encourage you, if you haven't already, just go ahead and sign up for our free 30 day trial - you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain, and as you walk through this tour with me, you will be able to try out everything you are learning in your very own account! So, let's get started!

Today, I will walk you through some of This is Dot's bonus features that are just like tools in a toolbox.  To get any job done, you have to have the right tools, and direct Sales is no different.  I can't wait to introduce you to four AMAZING TOOLS that will be great additions to YOUR direct sales toolbox!

1. Let's talk goals. 

They say that if you aim for nothing, you'll hit it every time. That is why goals are such an important thing in the life of a direct seller. Every large corporation out there has goals built into their systems - for growth, sales, efficiency and more. Sometimes, being your own boss, it's easy to forget that YOU are the one responsible for setting and reaching the goals that will transform your business into what you want it to be. 

So, is it enough to just throw a lofty goal out into the universe and hope for the best?  Hate to break it to you, but no one ever achieved anything remotely worthwhile like this.  It's SO important to have MEASURABLE goals, that are broken down into bite size pieces, so you know exactly how to reach the target.  It's crucial also to have mile markers along the way that let you know you're on track.  

What then, does a measurable goal look like? Let me show you!

This year I want to recruit a bunch of new team members. Nope, that won't work.
This year I want to recruit 5 new team members in the first quarter.

See how the second one has a number and a deadline involved? THAT my friend will put you on the right track and give you markers to make sure you STAY on track until it's achieved.  The next step is breaking it down into steps. These need to also have deadlines attached! For example:

1. Make a list of 50 people I can share the business opportunity with by Jan 5th
2. Call or message them to set up a time to share with them by Jan 15th
3. Hold all appointments by February 15th
4. Follow up with each prospect within 2 days of their appointment
5. Set a time to get the "yes" prospects signed up and trained by March 1st

Setting and achieving goals becomes easy with Dot's Goal Tracker tool.
Come take a look how!

In the GOALS tab, it is easy to set and track the progress of things you are aiming for. Just click the "+" button to add a new goal, give yourself a deadline, and then break it down into bite-sized action steps, as many as you need. You will also add a deadline for each goal step, as these will become reminders on your Dashboard To-Do list to keep you on track. Don't forget to upload a picture to keep you motivated!

Check off those goal step boxes as you go, and you will easily be able to see your progress on each goal by clicking the links in the GOALS tab. When a goal has been completed, it automatically moves into the archive tab (this is a great place to come on the days when you feel like giving up, it's like your personal hall of fame!), or you can move it over anytime you choose by clicking the check mark next to the goal name on the GOALS tab page.


Handy Tools for your Direct-Sales Business |  thisisdot.com


Handy Tools for your Direct-Sales Business |  thisisdot.com

2. It's all in how you say it. 

Let's chat about verbiage!  It can be EVERYTHING when it comes to how you communicate with your valued contacts. We know you have probably learned and tweaked along the way, and we're sure you have your go-to way of welcoming a new team member, keeping a new host excited about her event, and letting your business shine when you deal with customer service needs. 

This is Dot has a fabulous way to keep all your loveliest lines handy and ready to use in all your direct sales communications! The snippets tool allows you to save this verbiage (you can add as many different snippets as you need!) in one handy location, and easily copy it to your preferred method of communication, whether that be text, email or DM's  

You will find your snippets in the settings menu - adding a new one is as easy as click, type (or just copy from something you already use!) and save. Just click the clipboard icon when you wish to use one, it copies your saved text, ready to paste into your communication. You can also easily edit or delete a snippet using the other icons on the SNIPPETS tab of the settings menu.

Save as many as you like! You're on your way to great direct-sales relationships through great communication.

Handy Tools for your Direct-Sales Business |  thisisdot.com

3. Inspiration can strike at any moment! 

So it's important to have a place to jot it down. Whether it be an on-the-go brilliant party game idea, or a reminder to order more catalogs, Dot's QuickNote feature is the best place to keep it safe. Located at the top of your dashboard, you will see it every time you log in!

Just consider this little widget to be the sticky note you would slap on the side of your computer screen, or in your planner! Quickly tap & type something you need to keep at the forefront of your mind, and it will remain there until you delete it.

Handy Tools for your Direct-Sales Business |  thisisdot.com

4. Working on the go

Let's face it, though it is amazing when we have the time to sit down at a tidy desk and work on our businesses un-interrupted, real life often gets in the way of that.  Sometimes we have to work when and where we can or it just won't get done!! One of the most amazing things about This is Dot is how mobile friendly it is.  (We did that on purpose!)  We wanted you to have all the functions and features wherever you need them, even if that means while you're sitting in carpool line waiting to pick up kids, or on your evening subway commute home.  If you haven't already, give This is Dot a whirl on your favorite mobile device. Hey presto!  Mobile office.  On-the-go business hustle!!  

This also means that your This is Dot workspace travels seamlessly with you to all your events!! 

Want to collect your customers contact info quickly and easily? Just pass around your device during your event for them to add in their own contact info on your Dot contacts tab (you could run a little prize drawing for all of those that do!)  Make sure to tell them that if they enter their birthday, you will send them a coupon to use the week of their bday (or you can even get creative and send their spouse their wishlist if they have a favorite item they add into the notes!)

How about adding your new hosts event info RIGHT THEN, during checkout when they book it? So easy. That means your reminders for all the pre-event tasks are activated and ready to go, right from the moment you book the event!  You've just saved yourself so much time with this one system!  You won't miss a single beat or forget a single thing. 

If you've been following along with our previous posts in this series, you will have learned about task management, you-style.  We conquered contacts and follow up. You know all about planning successful events & calendar control, and now to add these tools in the mix, you are no doubt feeling pretty legit with how This is Dot helps you manage your biz!! 

Let's just take a minute to celebrate the investment you've made into rocking your business & the fact you are now master of all those widgets on your This is Dot dashboard!  

Oh, and by the way, did you know you can re-arrange them JUST the way you want? Just click the DASHBOARD link in the SETTINGS MENU, then click to drag the way you want them to appear on your dashboard. (Widgets display in a grid on a tablet or computer, and stacked on your phone)

Handy Tools for your Direct-Sales Business |  thisisdot.com

So there you have them! Four handy tools that are ready & waiting in your Dot dashboard to make life & business that little bit easier!  

If you missed my first three posts in this series Direct Sales Tasks & To-Do Lists, Organizing your Direct Sales Contacts, and Managing your Direct Sales events like a Pro, you will want to pop over and catch up.  I can't wait to hear all about how you have used This is Dot to launch your businesses to new heights of ease & awesomeness! 

Until then, happy serving & selling! xo

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