How to Weather the Coronavirus in your Direct Sales Biz

How to Weather the Coronavirus in your Direct Sales Biz

7 Things to do during uncertain times

I don't think it matters where you are in the world right now, the coronavirus is changing life as we know it, at least for the short term. Many (especially in the US, though I am sure in other places too) are facing self-quarantine measures and school closures in an effort to contain the spread. Fear and uncertainty have cast a shadow on day to day life, as we all try to follow government recommendations to protect our families and others who may be more vulnerable. It's easy to feel like your whole business is going to just crumble away in the midst of all this.

While there is no doubt that this pandemic will cause some short term hiccups in our direct sales businesses, I believe it is our time to really shine, and bring our A-game customer service to serve our valued customers. {One advantage we have in keeping a clear head as this unfolds, is that working from home with kids in the mix while school is out is not new territory for us!}

Let's chat about how to circumvent some of the disruptions that the COVID19 may throw at our businesses...

1. Party Bookings

Obviously in many areas, our local authorities who are in the forefront of helping our communities get through this pandemic the best way possible, have recommended that meeting in groups be suspended for the time being to prevent further spread of the virus. Yes, this is a huge bummer when our hard earned bookings are on the line, but I think you should absolutely comply with what they say. Start by contacting all of your hostesses that have an event coming up in the next month and letting them know how bummed you are to miss out on the fun of meeting in person, but that you can easily transition their party to an online party, and give all the guests a much needed break from the madness for an hour or so ONLINE the night of their party. If they aren't keen on this idea, then help them reschedule to a date down the road when this will have (hopefully!) all blown over.

And don't think it's pointless to try to get new bookings! There will likely be a whole lot of cabin fever in the days ahead, so many gals will welcome the SOCIAL INTERACTION of an online party during this social-distancing phase we are all in.

Communication is the key for all of your near-future hosts, let them know you are here for them, and committed to making their party work someway, somehow.

2. Transition to Online as Much as Possible.

If you haven't already dabbled into partying online, now is definitely the time to give it a try if you want to keep your business strong. My friend Amanda at That Dot Life (totally different company, similar & equally awesome sounding name!) is the queen of the virtual party - she has lots of good resources for you in this department.

Since none of us know how long the COVID19 will have an impact, this will be a good investment of time & effort to learn this skill, or to hone it & become awesome at it. 

3. Social Media Interaction

Use this time to connect with your customers on your social networks. There are so many funny memes going around right now that give a little comic relief to this scary situation. Use them (tastefully!) to lighten the dark mood on most everybody's social feed right now & sprinkle in some humor. Check in and ask how everyone is holding up (while they are "holed up"!!) Share helpful tips on how your products can help during this time

4. Create a special sale package that SERVES

Hear me well on this, DO NOT spam their feed with links and items from your line to SELL. That is distasteful at times like these. Instead, create a clever & thoughtful bundle of items from your line that will genuinely help and brighten the lives of your customers right now. For example:

-spa package to pamper moms who are home with the kids all day
-easy meal prep items to create meals from things you have in the pantry
-books & toys to keep the kids occupied
-organization products to tackle some home organization while quarantined
-suggest a FB event "closet clean out" & accessorize your fave outfits
-products to clean & disinfect your home
-things to help boost immune systems
-scents to alleviate cabin fever
-crafting activity kit

Let your business shine by letting your service shine and adding value to your customers lives during a difficult time

5. Don't stop working

Sure, things may get hectic if you have your kids home from school for weeks on end, business may get slow if a bunch of your bookings just outright cancel. But don't get discouraged or complacent. If you don't keep working now, you will also have no bookings when this virus fades out, and you will have to start your business all over again. KEEP GOING WITH YOUR "BEHIND THE SCENES" DIRECT SALES TASKS!!
Use this time to make sure all your biz systems are running to maximum capacity. Tidy & organize your office. Clean your samples and restock your on-the-go business in a bag.

Involve your kids who are home from school in your biz, show them how things work & give them simple tasks like stamping catalogs or tagging samples to keep them busy. What a great time for them to see a savvy entrepreneur hustling in their business instead of collapsing into a panic and giving up! Teach 'em mama!

6. A Word About Recruiting 

Hear me when I say this, I don't believe this is the time to take a "told you so" tone about the benefits of having a home based business during events like this. Many will be forced to stay home from work with kids who are out of school and lose income, some may even lose their jobs altogether depending on the full economic effect of this virus. MANY will fall on hard times as a result of this virus. Being salesy and spammy about your biz at this time will be nothing but a huge turn-off.

I do believe though, like I said already, that this is our time to shine. Those very people, who may have already been to one of your events, or who follow you on social media will be watching you quietly through this unprecedented event. They will be looking to see how you fare through this all, and wondering if they too should add in an extra income stream to help their family during times like these.

By all means, if someone asks, share your business opportunity wholeheartedly and help them get started if that's what they decide. But for the next little while, I would let YOUR EXAMPLE and YOUR SERVICE to those around you do the talking for your business opportunity. And be ready to answer questions from those around you, because an event like this will create natural curiosity for home businesses since the world as we know it has changed, at least for the interim. Keep a list of those who ask questions, because those are the ones you will want to invite to your next business op presentation when we can finally begin gathering again!! That curiosity they showed means they have considered themselves in your role!!

7. Above all!

Don't let panic cause you to throw in the towel, keep on keeping on. You have GOT THIS, even if things get worse before they get better, we will all come through this if we stay calm & take good care of each other.  Don't forget to check in with all your team members to see how they're doing (and share this post with them too!)

I am praying that you all stay clear of this awful virus, and praying blessings on your business as you stay diligent and serve your people.

Visit with us on our social media channels and leave us a comment there about what YOU'RE doing to keep you business strong through this pandemic.

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