Managing your Direct Sales Events like a Pro

Managing your Direct Sales Events like a Pro

Event Prep and Calendar Control

Hello there! I am so glad you have joined me for this guided tour of our software!! 

Can I just start by saying that I just love your entrepreneur heart!!  I know that it's not always easy being your own boss, having your own business, and being the "buck stops with you" gal of the whole operation.  There are challenges (and many rewards too!) and sometimes it can feel like an uphill climb.  BUT, here you are, learning, growing and honing your craft.  I'm excited for the investment you're making in your business JUST by being here on this little old blog post today.  If you've been following along for this whole series, we have already covered so much ground, and made so many improvements to your systems.  Let's not stop now!  Onward and upward! Are you ready?? 

This post is number {THREE} in a series of {FOUR} that will walk you through how to use all Dot's features to their maximum potential, and get you set up for success by setting up your work system just the way you like it. I hope you're ready to see your direct sales gig soar!

I am guessing you have landed here because either you just signed up for a subscription, or you're thinking hard about doing so. Let me encourage you, if you haven't already, just go ahead and sign up for our free 30 day trial - you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain, and as you walk through this tour with me, you will be able to try out everything you are learning in your very own account! So, let's get started!

Events are the lifeline of your business

Direct Sales has changed so much in the past few decades, but one thing remains the same: EVENTS are the vehicle that perpetuate your business. In-person events, on-line events, one-on-one meetings to share the opportunity, team trainings. Each one is unique, and they all require due-dilligence on the part of a direct-seller to make sure those events are wildly successful. 

You worked really hard to get that booking!  So let's chat about what you need to do to keep it, and make it awesome and profitable!  If you have already completed the first post from this series, you will also know how awesome Dot's timelines and lists are at keeping up with MANY events on your calendar in the same month! (That is always a great problem to have right? Lot's and Lot's of events going on!)

At This is Dot, we know that the little, behind-the-scenes tasks are SO IMPORTANT! They are like the feet on the duck gliding effortlessly across the pond. On top, things appear smooth, but under the surface of the water, those little feet are paddling hard!! It works exactly the same way in direct sales: if you want things to run smoothly, you have to paddle hard on the important things below the public "surface" of your business.

In my first post in this series, we learned about Dot's tasks & timelines. Today we will walk you through how to manage your events with Dot, and you will see how those tasks & timelines really come into play.

Introducing... your calendar!

Each time you create a new event, the event day will show as a colored dot on your dashboard calendar, color coded by event type. Not only, that, but a series of event task reminders will be activated FOR THAT EVENT, based on the timeline you created (or chose to use the default list as is!) in the settings menu. For example, if you have a timeline task set to remind you to send event invitations out 2 weeks before the event, that task will appear on your Dashboard To-Do list (you guessed it!) 2 weeks before your event. Can you even imagine how easy it will be to stay on top of tasks when you have, say NINE OR TEN shows coming up in the near future? Dot will remind you daily of all the tasks that are due FOR EACH EVENT!! Letting things slip through the cracks of disorganization is a thing of the past with This is Dot.

Let's take a quick look at how all the calendar features work together!

Each dot on the dashboard calendar represents an event you have saved. You can customize your colors for each event type

Managing your Direct Sales Events like a Pro - Event Prep and Calendar Control  |

Click the links below the dashboard calendar to see more detail for a particular event. This opens an overview of that event in list and calendar view.

Managing your Direct Sales Events like a Pro - Event Prep and Calendar Control  |


This is the event overview calendar. Click these calendar dots to see which task is due that day for that particular event. You can also switch to a master-list view with host info by clicking the HOST button at the top.


This is the event overview. Use this to see a quick view of all event details, & where you are at with a particular event, or to adjust the checked off tasks (for example: if you change an event date & need to reset reminders you had already checked off). You can edit your event or switch to calendar view by clicking the icons in the top right corner.

This planner page can be found by clicking the EVENTS tab, & shows a list of all your upcoming events.

  • They can be searched by name or sorted by event type using the brown bar at the top. 
  • Events with all tasks completed will move to the archive. 
  • The number icons are color coded, just like the calendar, by event type, and show how many tasks remain to be completed for that event.

So there you have it!
Your complete event planning (and managing!) system.
It's the easiest way to keep all your ducks in a row.

I just know you will enjoy the feeling of peace, achievement and victory that comes from managing ALL (even when that is many in one month!) of your direct sales events with professionalism (HELLO on time tasks!!) and ease (HELLO hosts thinking your job looks easy and becoming curious about the opportunity!!).  If you missed my first two posts in this series Direct Sales Tasks & To-Do Lists and Organizing your Direct Sales Contacts, you will want to pop over and catch up.  I can't wait to share with you a few Handy Tools for your Directs Sales Gig in my next post!! You won't want to miss it!

Until then, happy serving & selling! xo

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