The Dice Game

The Dice Game

A booking Activity that will stack your Calendar with Bookings

Do you use a booking game or activity at your direct sales parties?! Or do you just cringe at the thought of it? I'm going to guess and say, that if you're not, chances are pretty good that you're constantly struggling to get that next booking...

Believe me, my introvert self can totally understand when you're telling me that you just hate doing those games because they're *so awkward* and you really don't like putting pressure on people. I get it!! I really do, but I'm going to tell you a little secret...

The guests at your show need a little help to make the decision to book a party with you!! It's pretty rare (unless it's your mom!) that a guest will just come to you & say they want to book a party, but that doesn't mean they don't want to - it just means that you need to help them through that decision making process.

A booking game or activity helps them QUICKLY decide that they want to party with you because of an incentive you offer, and a fun way to win it!! 

I'm going to walk you through one of the best booking games out there to add a BUNCH of bookings to your calendar! You may have heard of it, it's the dice game! 

You will need:

A pair of Dice
A small dish or tray to roll the dice in
Note cards & Envelopes (you'll need 11)
A Grand Prize

Label the Envelopes with the numbers 2-12, and place the notecards inside with the following written on the inside:

#2 – Grand Prize & Book a Party!!!

#3 – Win a Prize

#4 – Win a Prize

#5 – Book a party

#6 – Book a party

#7– Book a party

#8– Book a party

#9– Book a party

#10– Book a party

#11– Win a prize

#12 - Win a prize

The numbers and the contents of the envelopes are strategic, because the odds of your guests rolling a 2, 3, 11 or 12 are less likely, so it stacks the odds in your favor for booking a party versus just giving away all your prizes!

As far as the prizes go, just give what you are comfortable with in your own business - it might be things like: free shipping, a $10 off coupon, a $25 off coupon, or a small item you have on hand from the current line. For the grand prize, you need to give something that will create the urgency to play!! Maybe a highly coveted item from your company's line, or a $50-$100 product credit. The more guests that play, the more bookings you are likely to get, so you have to decide on the value of the grand prize that you are willing to spend for getting those new bookings. 

How to play:

Tell your guests that playing is optional; but that the ones who do play MUST do what is on the card, since by playing they also have a chance to win such awesome prizes. (Talk them up really big before the game starts!) 

Let them know that in 5 of the envelopes are some awesome & amazing prizes, and in the remaining envelopes are the fun & exciting opportunity to have their very own party & earn all of the host benefits. Let them know you will ask each of them 1 by 1 if they wish to play.

The guests who wish to play will roll the dice, and then pick the envelope that goes with that number. The envelope can only be chosen once, so if other players roll a number that has already been rolled, they will roll again. They don't open until the end.

Once all guests who wish to have rolled and received their envelope, it's time for everyone to open up to see what they've won! Keep the excitement level high for this part, no matter what is in their envelope, since you don't want having a party to seem like the "booby prize"!! Be excited and hand them a clipboard of available dates for parties so they can begin picking their date.

Tips for Success:

1. Buy thick & sturdy envelopes so that guests can't see through what is written inside until they are opened. Also, tell your guests at the start to open carefully since you re-use this game over & over! (Some get excited and just tear them open!!)

2. Use a firm and serious voice for the part where you tell them that IF they play, they must do what the card says - it's a matter of honor! But use a very excited tone for the rest when you tell them about prizes and ask them if they want to play.

3. Don't just start with the person closest to you when you begin asking guests if they want to play. Read the body language of the guests and ask the person who looks the most excited first - save the ones who look less than thrilled for the end. Once one person says yes to playing, more will follow suite. 

4. Don't say: "Do you want to play?", because our brains are programmed to say "No" as a natural reflex, so instead say; "You want to play, right?" as you are handing them the dice tray. {Another little psychology hack, once that tray is in their hand, they will feel more committed to play!}

5. Be sure to get any bookings gotten through the game ON THE CALENDAR during the party. You've just worked hard to get them to this point of decision, and you will have to do so all over again if you leave it calling them later to get the date nailed down.

6. Don't get too irritated with the guests that choose to play, end up winning a "party", and then decide that aren't going to do it after all. There's usually one in every bunch who just plays for the prize & doesn't honor the rules. If they are wiggling hard to get out of doing the party, just let them go, they will probably be a "flaky" host anyways!

7. If you are partying on a virtual or online basis, go check out this amazing virtual version of the dice game from my friend Amanda Todd at That Dot Life {totally different company, just similarly awesome name ;-) } Tell her I sent you!

I hope this post & booking idea have given you some fresh confidence to go into your next party ready to ACE a booking game that will help stock your calendar for the months ahead!! {Oh, and you may want to go check our this post I wrote about coaching your host for success, so you will be ready for all those new bookings you're gonna get!!

Also, since you're about to have a bunch of new bookings on your calendar, I wanted to tell you what all of the cool direct sellers are using to manage their parties for success!! If you haven't yet signed up for a free trial of our web-app, This is Dot, you're gonna want to do that right away. It has an automated reminder system for all your host coaching tasks, so that nothing will slip through the cracks that would cause any of these valuable bookings to fall of your calendar! You can sign up here to begin managing your parties (and all the other parts of your biz!) LIKE A PRO!!

Happy Entreprenuering this week! Hope to see you back here soon,
Kristen xx

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