The One Event Every Direct Seller should hold in the New Year

The One Event Every Direct Seller should hold in the New Year

and how it can set your business up for success the rest of the year!

It's the perfect time of year to plan a little event that will seriously ROCK your business!

It can be tough to have oodles of bookings in January!! It is just one of those tough months in the DS industry. (And sometimes that has a trickle over effect into February too!) It's post holiday season, so chances are business is a little slow as people adjust back from holiday mode into the new year. BUT, I have something you're going to want to implement into your business calendar each and every year around this time!!

I am talking about a hostess appreciation brunch - something to let all of your hosts from the past year know that they are truly the heart of your business (BECAUSE THEY ARE!!).

Let's break it down step by step on how to pull off this event with maximum success, because if you do this right, you will add many new bookings to your calendar and probably even a few new team members too!

Direct Sales events to boost your bookings

1.Use the down-time wisely 

Take advantage of the fact you may not have as many bookings to keep up with this month, and get yourself into event planning mode.

2. Ask your team

(think upline, downline, side-line) if they would like to participate! Sometimes when the cost is shared you can make this into a really fancy-feeling event at a local cafe or restaurant that will give y'all a great deal on a brunch buffet and the party room. This also gives the advantage of pooling resources on table decorations, giveaways that entice your guests to come, and just plain makes everything feel more fun when there is a BUNCH of ladies gathering!

3. But don't be afraid to go solo

on your event if no-one wants to join you in hosting. Be the great example to all the hosts that you've told "you don't need a huge house to host a party, just clean one room & bathroom" (I know we have ALL had to reassure a prospective hostess of that before!).

4. Set a date for your event

in late February or early March, line up your location, guest list (all your hosts from the last year!) and make some really cute invites!! {Click here to download some cute ones that are ready made!} Wanna know why this is the perfect timing to hold this event??! Because on February 15th, every single heart shaped thing in stores is going to be on clearance, so you can snag some really fun decor and candy to use at the event for CHEAP! (remember our theme: You are the HEART of my business!) 

Direct Sales Host Appreciation Event

5. Tell all your guests

on the invite that they can bring a "plus one". This is hugely important, and I will tell you why: She may be less likely to come if she doesn't feel like she will know any of the other attendees, AND, if she brings her best girlfriend or her mom, you have one more new set of eyes on your business!!

6. Plan some fun games for the party -

maybe a "guess how many" jar filled with candy, that becomes the prize for the winner. Bingo is great too, modify it to BLINGO if your product line fits, and you can use conversation hearts for the chips!! The "dollar spot" in Target is a GREAT source for your bingo prizes (even though we all know there isn't much in there for a dollar these days, you can still snag some chic and fun prizes for this game!)

7. At the event

Lay out a gorgeous display of all your company's products, especially items that are new in the new year. It may have been many months since some hosts last saw your products, and they will love to see what's new! Allow every guest to have a little "window shopping" time as they enter the event, and let them all know they get to shop for 20% off today as a special thank you for supporting your biz in the past year. (KEY: make sure to tell the guests on the INVITE that you will be offering this discount!)

8. Let them shop!

When everyone has eaten, and you've played your party games, pause to tell everyone how much you appreciate their support of your business, and let them know you will be open for shopping time to check anyone out who wants to use their 20% discount for the next 15 minutes, BUT that after that, you will be sharing a brief testimony about your business.  Let them all know that if they choose to stay and listen for this part too, they will get a ticket into the drawing for the grand prize basket. (For this, gather some retired product and package it adorably - the Dollar Tree or stores like Marshall's always have great supplies for this!)

As you are totaling up their order, let them know that if they are willing to put a date on the calendar for another party with you in 2020, they can receive 50% off on one item! (or whatever discount you are comfortable with giving). Hello thriving event calendar!!

The one event every direct seller should hold in the new year

9. Share your biz story

This is where you share the highlights of your business plan, and tell how the biz has made a difference in your life. (MOST IMPORTANT: keep it brief!!)  Make this less of a sales presentation, and more of your authentic story about why you love the products and company.  Let your passion shine through!

10. Prepare a survey card

ahead of time (or print this one!) to pass out after this testimony that will allow you to gage their interest level on the business opportunity, and have the guests fill it out at your conclusion. Collect these up and use them as the "tickets" to pick your winner for the grand prize. Make sure to tell them that ALL of it has to be filled out in order to be the winner! The survey cards will help you know how best to follow up with all of your testimony time attendees, but bear in mind, that if they stayed (and even if they say it was just for the prize) they have a tiny amount of curiosity for your business, so FILE those away with your prospects and keep them in mind as ones to reach out to next time your company has a really HOT sign up deal! Of course, follow up ASAP with the ones who are interested right now!!

Direct Sales tools to boost bookings

Click the link above to download all these printouts you can use to hold your own Hostess Appreciation Brunch!  

This really is an event you will be so glad you've held. I have a feeling that once you do, you will make it a regular annual event! It ties together a chance to let your treasured hosts know how much you appreciate them (this creates loyalty to you & your biz too!), it gives you a chance to add some fresh bookings, and more than likely a team member or three! 

When you hold your Hostess Appreciation Brunch, I hope you will pop over to our social sites and tell me how it went! Can't wait to hear!! 

Until then, happy serving and selling! xo

By the way, have you heard about our app, made especially for direct sellers like you who are serious about growing their biz? It's such a fabulous way to keep track of all those new prospect leads you just got at your brunch, and will remind you when you need to follow up with them. Not to mention help you manage all those new party bookings for the upcoming year. HELLO easy breezy behind-the-scenes task management!! You can even take our app for a free 30 day test drive to see how it accelerates your business!

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