The Secret to Longevity in Direct Sales

The Secret to Longevity in Direct Sales

A Guest Post by Daune Zook

It never fails.

When direct sellers find out how long I’ve been in the direct sales business (17 years), they ask, “What’s your secret?!” 

While I could provide my Top 5 Tips for Success, one of the biggest is getting buy-in from your spouse.

Those in my organization who know me a bit better inquire, “How’d you get your husband on board?!” These two happen to go hand-in-hand, and trust me, having my hubby as my legit business partner has been a HUGE part of my longevity.

The Secret to Longevity in Direct Sales  |

1. Include him on the details from the very first marketing presentation

(or whatever the company may call it). I knew that the company I was considering had a larger investment than others; they also had a bigger profit margin. Don’t hide the details from your person—having two sets of eyes on your successful start will yield benefits you haven’t even considered! Here’s my personal account:
I really think I can do this, but the investment is $1200! What do you think?
Well, I think you are great with people and know a lot of people, but you don’t wear jewelry (the product).
I’ll be uncomfortable and wear jewelry if I can make this kind of profit.
Fine. But we’re not assuming a liability here for a whim of yours. If you want to do it, you need to earn back that $1200 in 4 weeks. Find 10 people who will have a show for you. The average show profit is $200.
TEN?!! But if the average show is $200, I only need 6!!!
Hubby: Last time I checked, people get sick and people cancel. Find 10 as “insurance” to make sure you have that money in 6 weeks. Get them on the calendar, and we’ll go for it.

And guess what?! I made the investment back in less than 4 shows and then I had quite the profit after that. My smarty-pants, business-savvy husband ensured that my venture would be successful right out of the gate. I was so incredibly proud to put that $1200 back in our savings account and then add some serious cash to our checking! But I don’t know that I would have gone “above and beyond” if it hadn’t been for his perspective and forethought.

The Secret to Longevity in Direct Sales  |

2. Show him the money!

One of the top leaders in my organization shared some very sage advice at one of my first leadership conferences. She stressed that our spouses should “see the money”—in other words, make sure our profit is evident in our saving or bill-paying. If we’re out doing our thing, coaching hostesses, working events and not contributing anything to the family budget in return, it produces nothing but resentment from our spouses (and families). My husband saw money going IN to our bank account and subsequently, began to ask me, “Which nights are you working this month?” He never asked, “When do I need to babysit this month?” His perception of my business as WORK made me perceive it as significant and valuable to our family. Do you see the connection here? The MOST important person in my life validated my work and efforts. It’s probably the main reason I’ve sustained my business for so long.

The Secret to Longevity in Direct Sales  |

3. Give him some love!

There will be weeks when you are swamped with work and seasons when our businesses are naturally time-consuming. Make sure you guard your quality time with your spouse. One thing I learned very quickly was that my husband truly appreciated my undivided attention when he walked in from work after a long day. If I didn’t have a show or work event already, I learned to schedule my phone calls and video conferences for times OTHER THAN the 10 minutes after he arrived. As a result, my hubby noticed that I prioritized our time together and valued him. He didn’t need much—just 10 minutes of my attention, but that made all the difference in his opinion of my business and in our relationship.

The Secret to Longevity in Direct Sales  |
Daune & Jerry Zook

Daune is a direct selling leader of 17 years (amazing!!) and currently a One-Diamond Designer (and former Senior Leader) with Premier Designs Jewelry Inc.  She is not only a jeweler and fashion extraordinaire, but first and foremost a Jesus-loving wife to her sweet & supportive husband Jerry, and mama to 3 kiddos who have grown up watching her amazing example of juggling business with family life.  In 2015, Daune felt called back to the classroom (that she had left many years ago when her PD income quickly replaced her teaching salary!), and she now balances her family & business with teaching AP Literature, Yearbook & Newspaper. I had the privilege to learn the ropes of direct sales directly from her because she was in my immediate upline, and I'm SO excited that y'all get to learn from her too on this week's guest blog post.  Click the picture above to find her shopping link to some cute and sassy jewels, or get more info on how to join her team!

What are some things that have helped YOU achieve long term success in direct sales?  We would love to hear your thoughts too, so pop on over to our social community on instagram and facebook and tell us all about it!  

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So long for now! Until next we chat, happy serving and selling! xo

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