Winter Wallpapers!

Winter Wallpapers!

8 Free Wallpapers to download in the New Year

Hello & Happy New Year!!

I made y'all something!!!

I wanted to give you some gorgeous inspiration in the form of phone wallpaper, so that every time you wake that little device up, you see something that reaches down into your soul and reminds you to keep plugging away at those lofty goals you made. Something that washes your brain with positivity (and washes away the negative thoughts that try to pop their ugly heads up).

I drew inspiration from all my favorite winter & new year things, and some quotes that I just love.

8 Free Wallpapers  for Direct Sellers to download in the New Year  |

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them for you!

Cozy blankets...

Fresh, intentional NEW adventures

Humor, Style & Passion!!

Green, growing, THRIVING things

Having my eye set on a horizon of HOPE!

Anticipating GOOD things

Beginning new journeys

And of course, coffee to start with.

Download them here!

Muah!!  Hope your New Year is filled with hope & opportunity,

Kristen xo

8 Free Wallpapers  for Direct Sellers to download in the New Year  |

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